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Ohamanaka District Festival
Date : Oct.(The middle ten days)
  • Ohamanaka District Festival
【A float festival where you can enjoy a joint performance by Karakuri puppets】
In the Ohama-Naka District Festival, there is a parade round the town by the Nakanokirisha float decorated with luxurious carving, and the Urashimasha float that gives a performance of the Urashima doll. (The Urashimasha float appears only at the Main Festival.) During the parade, the Sanbaso doll dance and Urashima doll performances are held at every turn. The Sanbaso doll dance of the Ohama-Naka District is characterized by its vigorous movements, and is performed with such liveliness it feels as if the dolls are going to burst out of the front shelf of the float. The Urashima doll performance depicts the story of Urashima receiving a treasure box from Princess Oto and instantly turning into an old man when he opens it. Furthermore, on the upper part of the float, a Karakuri puppet show is performed in which a puppet without strings moves from stump to stump, and finally jumps up to a pine branch on to which it hangs a scroll bearing the words, "Tenka Taiheiraku" (the name of Gagaku music celebrating peace). At the Ohama-Naka District Inari-sha Shrine, these Karakuri puppet shows can be seen again following the entrance of the floats into the shrine grounds. (The Urashima doll performance is only held at the Main Festival.)

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  • Ohamanaka District Festival
  • Ohamanaka District Festival
  • Ohamanaka District Festival
  • Ohamanaka District Festival

Festival Overview


Date Oct.(The middle ten days)
Time Yoi Festival: 17:00 to 20:00
Main Festival: 8:00 to 15:00
Venue Hamadera-machi 2-67, Hekinan City
Phone number 090-8130-0106(Ohama-Naka District Float Preservation Society Office (Sawada))

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport Alight at Meitetsu Mikawa Line Hekinan Station, and walk for 10 minutes.
Access by car 5 minutes from the Hamamachi signalized intersection on National Route 247. Near the Minatobashi-Kita Signalized intersection.
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