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Kariya Float Festival
Date : 5/3/2018
  • Kariya Float Festival
The floats of Sakanamachi and Shinmachi of Kariya are also called the Kasha, Hanaguruma, or Saireisha, and were once used in the Ichibara Inari-jinja Shrine Festival. Today, they are used in the float festival held in conjunction with the Daimyo Gyoretsu Procession. With regard to the origin of the floats that participated in the Ichibara Inari-jinja Shrine Festival, records show that Honmachi participated from 1687, and Sakanamachi participated from 1705. Later, in 1797, Shinmachi participated, and then in 1877, Masaki-Shinmichi and Ichibara-cho did so, which brought the total to a maximum of six floats. Karakuri puppet shows and other entertainment has been performed on the floats since a long time ago, and puppet shows using strings were performed until 1859. Later, from the impact of the war etc., the use of floats in the festival was discontinued, with the last parade being held in 1965. However, Sakanamachi's float was restored after about 40 years and has participated from 2002, and Shinmachi's restored float has participated since 2009. The two gorgeous floats of 5 m high or more have a very impressive presence when they are lined up together, and the sight of them being pulled around various areas of the town is overwhelming. The traditional festival music played at the float festival envelops the venue in a solemn atmosphere.

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  • Kariya Float Festival

Festival Overview


Date 5/3/2018
Venue Tsukasa-cho 8-52, Kariya City
Phone number 0566-62-1037(Culture and Tourism Division, Civic Activity Department, Kariya City)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport Alight at Meitetsu Mikawa Line Kariyashi Station, and walk for 5 minutes.
Alight at Meitetsu Mikawa Line / JR Tokaido Line Kariya Station, and walk for 10 minutes.
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