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Kigan Festival
Date : Annually on the 4th Sunday of October
  • Kigan Festival
The festival originates in a dedication to pray for protection from the plague, and this prayer service was carried out in June before the early Meiji period.
The festival date was changed to the 4th Sunday in October in 1965.
The Shiga-jinja Shrine, where the festival is held, stands on a hilltop at an altitude of 107 m, and the dedication is made by going up a steep 35 m hill with a roughly 20 degree incline.
As the dedication event takes place at 5:00 in the evening, the float is decorated with lanterns and parades along the approach to the shrine.
Even when it is raining, the float is dedicated to the Shiga-jinja Shrine on the hilltop, and the festival has never once been canceled.

Festival Overview


Date Annually on the 4th Sunday of October
Time From 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM
Venue Miyamae 405, Shiga-cho, Toyota City
Phone number 0565-32-6561(Cultural Property Division, Toyota City Board of Education)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport Meitetsu Mikawa Line Toyotashi Station, Aichi Loop Railway Shin-Toyota Station
Access by car Approx. 15 minutes from Tomei Expressway Toyota-Higashi I.C.
Approx. 10 minutes from Tokai-Kanjo Expressway Toyota-Kanpachi I.C. or Matsudaira I.C.
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