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Hachiman-jinja Shrine Autumn Festival
Date : Annually on the 4th weekend of September
  • Hachiman-jinja Shrine Autumn Festival
In the Hachiman-jinja Shrine Autumn Festival, the float is pulled around the village to lively music played on big drums using small drumsticks.
After the float is pulled into the shrine, festive drumming and Bonote (a Japanese dance based on forms of Japanese martial arts using long sticks) are dedicated.

Festival Overview


Date Annually on the 4th weekend of September
Venue Nagita 29, Gotanda-cho, Toyota City
Phone number 0565-32-6561(Cultural Property Division, Toyota City Board of Education)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by car Approx. 25 minutes from Sanage Green Road Chikaraishi I.C.
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