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Toyokawa Susanoo-jinja Shrine Annual Grand Festival
Date : 7/20/2018 to 7/22/2018
  • Toyokawa Susanoo-jinja Shrine Annual Grand Festival
【A collaboration of five types of fireworks and the traditional performing arts of Higashi Mikawa! Toyokawa Susanoo-jinja Shrine Grand Festival】
This festival commonly known as the Toyokawa Summer Festival, is a summer festival held by the Susanoo-jinja Shrine in Toyokawa-Nishimachi on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday near July 20th. The festival started when there was a great drought in 701 and people enshrined Gozu Tenno in Motomiya along the old Kamakura-kaido Road on the right bank of Toyokawa River and prayed for rain.
The twenty parishioners' districts are divided into east and west, and beginning at the rehearsal on Friday, young people, children, and the neighborhood associations of each town generously dedicate a great number of hand held fireworks, Karakuri fireworks, and cannon fireworks. In the Yoi Festival held on Saturday, a Tsunabi rope fire, which is a part of Aichi Prefecture's designated intangible folk-cultural property, as well as the aforementioned fireworks, are dedicated in the shrine grounds, and exhibitions featuring various skills entertain the spectators. In the Grand Festival held on Sunday, Hayashiguruma floats with girls dancing on them parade the town in the morning. After that, a procession of a portable shrine carrying the deity, a lion dance, horses for dedication, and a Sasa dance make their way to Motomiya, followed by floats carrying a glass pot and a doll called ""Isemairi"". Two floats are set on the east and west sides of the street, and performing arts distinctive to the region are held on the floats, including a dance performed by five children ringing bells, and Kakure-daiko drumming, where the large drums of the east and west are played simultaneously along with the festival music in a unique way.

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  • Toyokawa Susanoo-jinja Shrine Annual Grand Festival
  • Toyokawa Susanoo-jinja Shrine Annual Grand Festival

Festival Overview


Date 7/20/2018 to 7/22/2018
Venue Toyokawa Susanoo-jinja Shrine(Nishimachi 134, Toyokawa, Toyokawa City)
Parking Up to 20 minutes after parking 100 yen, up to 40 minutes 200 yen, up to 1 hour 300 yen, 100 yen for every 30 minutes after that
Phone number 0533-86-2920(Toyokawa Susanoo-jinja Shrine)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport 7 minutes' walk from Meitetsu Toyokawa Line Toyokawa-Inari Station.
7 minutes' walk from JR Iida Line Toyokawa Station.
Access by car 7 minutes by car from Toyokawa I.C.
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