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Miyaji Ten-jinja Shrine Annual Grand Festival
Date : 8/25/2018 to 8/26/2018
  • Miyaji Ten-jinja Shrine Annual Grand Festival
This festival, commonly known as the Amagoi Festival, is held by the Miyaji Ten-jinja Shrine in Akasaka-cho on the 3rd Saturday and Sunday of August every year. The Miyaji Ten-jinja Shrine used to be called Dakedaimyojin, and has been known as a shrine to pray to for rain since old times. It is said that although people prayed for rain at this shrine during the Hoei era, there was no miraculous response. However, when a Shinto priest prayed again while reciting the Amithada's name a million times, it rained heavily. Ever since, the shrine festival has been held on July 20th, and people called it the Amagoi Festival (a rainmaking festival).
On Saturday, a portable shrine procession is held, and on the following Sunday, Hayashiguruma floats from Nakamachi, Shitamachi, and Sekigawa, and a gorgeous Kabuki procession lead the portable shrine. On the old Tokaido Road where the procession passes, several old buildings that were once inns still remain, and the Kabuki procession that proceeds along the historic streets accompanied by the soul-stirring Hayashiguruma floats and lively festival music creates a quaint atmosphere.

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Date 8/25/2018 to 8/26/2018
Venue Miyaji Ten-jinja Shrine(Miyaji 1120, Akasaka-cho, Toyokawa City)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport 17 minutes' walk from Meitetsu Main Line Meiden-Akasaka Station.
Access by car 6 minutes by car from Toyokawa I.C.
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