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Omori Tenno Festival
Date : Annually on the 1st Sunday of August
  • Omori Tenno Festival
 The former Omori Village consisted of five territories, and apart from the tutelary Yatsurugi-jinja Shrine of Omori Village, a Tenno-sha Shrine was enshrined in each territory. Each year after planting rice in the summer, Tsushima-jinja Shrine amulets and Omanto horses were dedicated. There is a story as to the reason why floats appeared in the Tenno Festival. An epidemic of disease broke out in Omori during the Edo period, and when the Buddhist priest of Daishinji Temple put two hand‐drawn carts together, lit lots of white lanterns on top of it, and got young villagers to pull it around, the epidemic diminished. A Daihachiguruma lit with lanterns has been pulled around the village on June 25th of the lunar calendar ever since. This is associated with the Tsushima-jinja Shrine floats lit with lanterns to ward off the epidemic, and is considered one of the fitting traditions to adopt in an agricultural village.
 Later in 1876, it is said that volunteers from Tojima purchased an old float from Nagoya to replace the Daihachiguruma. At this festival organized mainly by Tojima, the float was pulled around with its roof on during the daytime, and taken off during the nighttime when lanterns were lit.

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  • Omori Tenno Festival
  • Omori Tenno Festival

Festival Overview


Date Annually on the 1st Sunday of August
Venue Yatsurugi-jinja Shrine, etc.(Omori, Moriyama Ward, Nagoya City)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport Yatsurugi-jinja Shrine Alight at Meitetsu Seto Line Omori Kinjogakuin-mae Station, and walk for 4 minutes.
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