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Toka Festival
Date : 4/1/2018 to 4/3/2018
  • Toka Festival
【Also known as the Horse Festival】
The Annual Grand Festival of the Masumida-jinja Shrine held to celebrate the enshrinement of the deities, as well as to ward off bad luck associated with the peach blossom season. Although the festival was held on the Peach Festival Day until the Edo period, it changed to April 3rd in the solar calendar in 1910. The festival is also known as the Horse Festival, where decorated Omanto horses, a Chigo (children's') parade, the Ichinomiya Fire Department Band, and traditional folk song groups follow the portable shrine procession. On the same day, a Yabusame Shinto ritual (shooting arrows on horseback) is performed in the shrine grounds, and on April 1st, the day before the Toka Festival, a Tanzaku Festival is held. On the 2nd, a Hosha Shinto ritual (shooting arrows while standing) and the Shigaku Festival are held.
Many years ago, there used to be groves of peach trees around the Masumida-jinja Shrine, and the area was called ""Seitokyu"". It is said the the festival started when people used peach tree branches that are believed to have a spiritual power to purify themselves, and launched the branches into Kiso River, which flowed near the shrine at that time, praying for the warding off of calamities and the bringing of good luck. Today, peach branch offerings are made to the altar, and all the people who serve in this Shinto ritual wear peach branches on their head.
Festival floats are displayed in front of and on the east and west sides of the gate to liven up the festival mood. Although there used to be only an east float, the west float was revived in 2001.

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  • Toka Festival
  • Toka Festival
  • Toka Festival
  • Toka Festival
  • Toka Festival

Festival Overview


Date 4/1/2018 to 4/3/2018
Time From 9:00 to 16:00
Venue Masumida-jinja Shrine(Masumida 1-2-1, Ichinomiya City)
Parking Paid (Guests are kindly requested to use public transportation as best as possible, as parking capacity is limited)
Phone number Masumida-jinja Shrine 0586-73-5196(9:00~17:00)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport Approx. 8 minutes' walk from JR Tokaido Main Line Owari-Ichinomiya Station or Meitetsu Main Line Ichinomiya Station.
Access by car Approx. 20 minutes from Meishin Expressway Ichinomiya I.C.
Approx. 10 minutes from Nagoya Expressway Ichinomiya Line Ichinomiya-Higashi Exit.
Approx. 10 minutes from Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway Ichinomiya-Nishi I.C., or approx. 15 minutes from Ichinomiya-Kisogawa I.C.
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