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Shinano Gion Festival
Date : 7/21/2018
  • Shinano Gion Festival
This festival is held in Shimo-Shinano District in Seto City on the 3rd Saturday in every July. The festival consists of a procession through the district center of a portable shrine and dances centered around a float, and is held to ward off epidemics and summer diseases and pray for a rich harvest as well as prosperity in business. In the upper layer of the float, a statue of Emperor Jimmu is placed in the center with smaller statues of attendants on both sides, which are enshrined as the float's objects of worship.

Festival Overview


Date 7/21/2018
Venue Shinano-cho 2-40, Seto City
Parking Paid (cap. 1,200 cars)
Phone number 0561-41-0009(Shinano Gion Festival Supporting Association
(Shimo-Shinano Joint District Neighborhood Association)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport 20 minutes by route bus from Meitetsu Seto Line Owari-Seto Station.
Access by car 20 minutes to the north on National Route 248 from Seto city center.
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