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Inuyama Festival
Date : Apr.(The first ten days)
  • Inuyama Festival
The Inuyama Festival is the festival of the Haritsuna-jinja Shrine, where the Ubusunagami (guardian deity of one's birthplace) is enshrined. The festival has been held to this day since the first one held in 1635 resulting from the encouragement of Naruse Hayato no Sho Masatora, a chief retainer of the Owari Tokugawa family and lord of Inuyama Castle. The highlight of the festival is the thirteen splendid Yama floats, all of which have a three-tier structure. On the Yama float, Karakuri puppet shows that have been passed down since the Edo period are held, as well as other performances. The Tekorens dynamically pulling the floats (Donden (turning around) and Shagiri (turning)), and golden garments worn by children of the festival music band add extra excitement to the festival. At night, candles in the lanterns mounted on the Yama floats are lit, and the parade under cherry blossoms at night invites the audience into a fantasy world.

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  • Inuyama Festival

Festival Overview


Date Apr.(The first ten days)
Venue Kitakoken 65-1, Inuyama, Inuyama City
Parking Paid (fee varies depending on the facility, cap. 350 cars)
Phone number 0568-62-4802(Inuyama Festival Preservation Society (within Inuyama Artifacts Museum)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport Alight at Meitetsu Inuyama Station. Approx. 15 minutes' walk.
Access by car Approx. 25 minutes from Meishin Expressway Komaki I.C. / Nagoya Expressway Komaki-Kita I.C.
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