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Akiba Festival
Date : Annually on the weekend before or after the 20th in August
  • Akiba Festival
Although the origin of the festival is not certain, people say that it began as a festival to pray for Komakijuku's protection against fire.
It is said that the float parade started when Matahichi of Naritaya, who lived in Naka-Honmachi, dedicated a float during during the Tenmei era. Later, the number of floats increased to four, and has remained so to this day.
All four floats (the Karakosha float of Nakamachi, the Seiosha float of Yokomachi, the Yutorisha float of Uenomachi, and the Seiobosha float of Shimonomachi) are designated as tangible folk-cultural property by the city. The Yoi Festival is held on a Saturday, and the Main Festival is held on a Sunday around August 20th every year.
The floats decorated with lanterns and parading to the festival music make for a soul-stirring sight. In the Main Festival, all four floats are assembled in the Shinmei-sha Shrine grounds, and Karakuri puppet shows are dedicated.

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  • Akiba Festival

Festival Overview


Date Annually on the weekend before or after the 20th in August
Time Yoi Festival: From 6:00 PM, Main Festival: (Float Parade) From 10:00 AM, (Shrine Ritual Dedication) From 2:00 PM
Venue Komaki 5-153, Komaki City
Phone number 0568-76-1189(Lifelong Learning Division, Komaki City Board of Education)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport (Access to Komaki Shinmei-sha Shrine) Alight at Meitetsu Komaki Station, and walk for approx. 15 minutes.
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