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Hira Festival
Date : Biannually on the 2nd Sunday of October
  • Hira Festival
Hira, Nishi Ward, Nagoya City is located in the most northwestern part of the city, and used to be divided into north and south parts by the Shinbori Canal that flowed from east to west in between. The north part of Hira was called Kahoku and the south was called Kanan, and the Rokusho-jinja Shrine, enshrined in north Hira, was worshiped as a local deity.
 A number of festivals are held at Rokusho-jinja Shrine. Today, the festival in which floats are pulled is the one held in October, but floats were formerly pulled at the Tenno Festival held on June 14th. The festival is currently called the So Tenno Festival.
 Although it is not known for certain when Hira's float festival began, judging from the fact that the tutelary deity was welcomed from the Tenno-sha Shrine during the Meireki era, the festival must have started after that. The oldest ink inscription regarding floats is the one found inside the float of south Hira, which was written in 1822.
 After the Pacific War, there were times when the float festival was temporarily resumed and then suspended again. However, the float parade started again in 1965, born of the passion of the regional community, and the festival was held on an irregular basis. Later, the festival dates were changed to holidays, and today, the float parades every two years at the annual festival held on the 2nd Sunday of October.

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  • Hira Festival

Festival Overview


Date Biannually on the 2nd Sunday of October
Venue Rokusho-jinja Shrine(Hira 3, Nishi Ward, Nagoya City)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport Rokusho-jinja Shrine Alight at Nagoya City Bus Hira Bus Stop, and walk for 1 minute.
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