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Iwafuji Tenno Festival
Date : 7/29/2018
  • Iwafuji Tenno Festival
The Shinmei-sha Shrine festival is held to pray for good health and the wellbeing of family members. A children's sumo wrestling match, dance, and fireworks are dedicated.

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  • Iwafuji Tenno Festival
  • Iwafuji Tenno Festival

Festival Overview


Date 7/29/2018
Venue Tokosamu 525, Iwafuji-cho, Nisshin City
Parking Free (cap. 100 cars)
Phone number 0561-72-2465(Iwafuji Tenno Festival Organizing Committee Chairman Takeshi Tsukamoto)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport Take the bus bound for Goshikien from Hoshigaoka, and alight at Iwafuji Bus Stop. Take the Kururin Bus Goshikien Line from Linimo Nagakute Kosenjo Station, and alight at Iwafuji Bus Stop.
Access by car On the east side of Iwafuji Intersection on the Prefectural Road Yazakomorowa Line.
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