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Tenno Festival
Date : Aug.(The first ten days)
  • Tenno Festival
The Asahi Tenno Festival first started when people attached lanterns to torch stands with a prayer for the protection of children from the plague, and the float was made in 1762. After a Shinto prayer is given by a Shinto priest, a person holding a wand with paper streamers, elementary school students, junior high school students, and the festival music band board the float decorated with curtains, floral ornaments, and lanterns and it is pulled from the Tenno-sha Shrine to Atago-sha Shrine, and then back to the Tenno-sha Shrine after sunset by people in command of the float and villagers. Today, the float is only decorated with ornaments and lanterns and is no longer pulled because of increased risk due to the deterioration of wheels and other parts.

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  • Tenno Festival
  • Tenno Festival
  • Tenno Festival

Festival Overview


Date Aug.(The first ten days)
Time Afternoon
Venue Asahi Tenno 90 Kiyoshu City
Number of floats 1

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport Alight at Meitetsu Main Line Shin-Kiyosu Station, and walk for 25 minutes. Alight at Tokaido Line Kiyosu Station, and walk for 25 minutes.
Access by car 5 minutes from Nagoya Expressway Kiyosu Exit.
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