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Wakamiya Festival
Date : May.(The middle ten days)
  • Wakamiya Festival
The Wakamiya Hachiman-sha Shrine Festival began when Kasaboko floats from towns of shrine parishioners paraded in 1671. The floats appeared in 1674, three years after the festival started. There were five floats in the beginning, and by 1772, all seven renowned festival floats of Wakamiya Festival were in place.
 During the Edo period, the festival was held on June 15th and 16th, which were the same dates as the Sannomaru Tenno Festival. The Shigaku Festival was held on the 15th, and on the 16th, along with the procession of the portable shrine, floats paraded to the Sannomaru Tenno-sha Shrine. In the Meiji period, the procession to Sannomaru was discontinued, and the Sannomaru Tenno Festival date was changed to July 16th in 1892, and so the connection with the Sannomaru Tenno Festival became weaker, and the Fukurokujusha float of Okubomi-cho was no longer towed. In the war in 1945, apart from the Kasuisha and Fukurokujusha, the floats were burned, and these two remaining floats were sold to Dekimachi in Higashi Ward. Later, the Fukurokujusha float was returned, the main shrine building was rebuilt, and the Wakamiya Festival was revived. Today, the procession to the Nagoya-jinja Shrine (former Sannomaru Tenno-sha Shrine) and float parade within the town have resumed. The festival has been held on June 15th and 16th, which are presently national holidays, since 1901.

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  • Wakamiya Festival

Festival Overview


Date May.(The middle ten days)
Venue Wakamiya Hachiman-sha Shrine(Sakae 3, Naka Ward, Nagoya City)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport Wakamiya Hachiman-sha Shrine Alight at Subway Yabacho Station, and walk for 7 minutes.
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