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Ushidate Tenno Festival
Date : Jul.(The last ten days)
  • Ushidate Tenno Festival
The Gozu Tennosha float pulled around in the Gozu Tenno Festival was originally the festival float of Hachioji-jinja Shrine (Shimizu 2, Kita Ward, Nagoya City). The Hachioji-jinja Shrine, currently enshrined in Kita Ward of Nagoya City, used to be worshiped along with the Wakamiya Hachiman-sha Shrine and the Sannomaru Tenno-sha Shrine, however, it was transferred to its current location when Nagoya Castle was built, because it stood in the premises. The Hachioji-jinja Shrine Festival began in 1735, in the time of the 7th feudal lord, Tokugawa Muneharu, who loved festivals.
 There are many historically unclear points regarding the ownership by Hachioji-jinja Shrine and the name of the current Gozu Tennosha float pulled at the Gozutenno Festival. It was purchased by the former Ushidate Village in 1865, and became an Ushidate Tenno Festival float.

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  • Ushidate Tenno Festival
  • Ushidate Tenno Festival

Festival Overview


Date Jul.(The last ten days)
Venue Ushidate Tenno-sha Shrine(Ushidate-cho 2, Nakagawa Ward, Nagoya City)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport Ushidate Hachiman-sha Shrine 16 minutes' walk from Subway Meiko Line Hibino Station.
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