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Ono Festival
Date : May.(The first ten days)
  • Ono Festival
【A collaboration of three floats and a Makiwara boat 】
The festival dates back to the end of the Edo period in the 1700s. Three floats, namely the Karakosha (Takasuka District), Koyosha (Hashizume District) and Baieisha (Juo District), as well as the Gonmaru (Gongen District) Makiwara boat, gather at the Ono Bridge. The highlights at the Yoshingaku festival are the floats and the Makiwara boat decorated with lanterns, while at the Hongaku Festival the key attractions are the dedication of the Karakuri puppets and the direction changes of the floats.

Festival Overview


Date May.(The first ten days)
Venue Ono-machi 4, Tokoname City, etc.
Parking Available
Phone number 0569-34-8888(Tokoname Tourist Information Center)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport Meitetsu Tokoname Line Onomachi Station
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