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Toda Festival
Date : Annually on the 1st weekend of October
(all five floats participate once every four years)
  • Toda Festival
The Toda Festival is a festival held jointly by the five villages from Ichinowari, the first, to Gonowari, the fifth, each individually enshrining a deity. The beginning of Toda Festival is said to have been in 1702. From 1796, floats with a variety of karakuri puppets made by Nagoya's doll makers participated.
 The festival was originally held around August 13th and 14th of the lunar calendar, but is now held on the 1st Saturday and Sunday of every October.
 There are two types of Toda Festival: the lantern festival and the float festival. The decision on which festival is to be held is made by the ""Tsujiyori"", a group of young men from the five areas. Before the war, the float festival was generally held once every five to ten years, in years of good harvest and years of major national events, and the lantern festival was held in the other years. In the lantern festival, lanterns were hung on the eaves of each house, and the floats were in principle not decorated. Even if they were decorated, it was a tradition not to take the floats outside the grounds of the shrine. As a result of the Isewan Typhoon, the float festival was at one point discontinued. However, calls for its restoration grew from around 1975, and the festival and traditional performing arts were revived and have continued to be held to this day. The float parade is performed by the Ichinowari, Sannowari, and Gonowari areas every year, and all five floats participate once every four years.

Festival Overview


Date Annually on the 1st weekend of October
(all five floats participate once every four years)
Venue Hachiman-jinja Shrine, etc.(Toda 1to 5, Nakagawa Ward, Nagoya City)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport Dashizoroe venue (Toda Elementary School) Alight at City Bus Toda Shogakko, and walk for 1 minute.
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