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Hassha-jinja Shrine Festival
Date : 4/8/2018
  • Hassha-jinja Shrine Festival
In the Hassha-jinja Shrine Festival, Kitakasuya's Kaosha float designated as Chita City's cultural property is pulled around. The Kaosha float was built by Kamezaki Nishi-gumi during the Bunka era. After being passed on to Handa-Itayama, it was purchased by Kitakasuya in 1927 and was pulled around town until 1958. Later, the festival ceased owing to the dissolution of the Youth Association; however, the Spring Festival was revived, in which the float is pulled around only in the Hassha-jinja Shrine grounds, and today, the float parades around the town having undergone a series of maintenance works.

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  • Hassha-jinja Shrine Festival
  • Hassha-jinja Shrine Festival

Festival Overview


Date 4/8/2018
Time 6:00 to 8:30
Venue Gochu 33-1, Kanazawa, Chita City
Phone number 0562-51-5637(Chita City Tourist Association)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport Alight at Meitetsu Shinmaiko Station, and walk for 15 minutes.
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