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Tobe Tenno Festival
Date : Oct.(The first ten days)
  • Tobe Tenno Festival
At Tobe-jinja Shrine, there were two Danjiri floats paraded. Until the Edo period, the festival was held on June 11th and 12th of the lunar calendar.
 Floats were once also pulled at Minami Shingu-sha Shrine and Nagoya-jinja Shrine. Two Danjiri floats were pulled around at the Tobe-jinja Shrine, but today there is only the Takasagosha float. Because its surrounding area was formerly called Tobe Village, the festival is called the Tobe Tenno Festival. Danjiri floats are believed to have paraded in the festival from 1606 or earlier. The two-storied float has a small Shinto shrine called a Yakata on the top. In the Yakata, two Noh dolls are placed along with a pine-branch decoration. A Yakata is characterized by its decorative cloth, not only around the float and on its roof, but also on the pillars, etc. On the second floor, a Chigo Mai dance was performed by small children wearing traditional ceremonial clothing and holding Japanese hourglass drums. Today, the floats are not taken on parade, but during the Annual Festivals they are decorated and put on show to the public in the storehouse.

Festival Overview


Date Oct.(The first ten days)
Venue Tobe-jinja Shrine(Yobitsugi 4, Minami Ward, Nagoya City)

Access / Map

Access / Map

Access by public transport Tobe-jinja Shrine Alight at Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line Sakura Station, and walk for 8 minutes.
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