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Utsumi Spring Festival (Fukkoshi District Festival)
Date : 4/1/2018
  • Utsumi Spring Festival (Fukkoshi District Festival)
In April, when spring is in full bloom. In the town of Utsumi, splendid festivals distinctive to each district are held all at once.
The festival held in Fukkoshi District is the Akiba-jinja Shrine Festival. The float used in this festival is lacquer-coated with similar gold leaf decorations to the one owned by the Higashibata District, and is considered to have been built in the late Edo period. The highlight is the Karakuri puppet performance where a small Karako doll jumps up on the shoulders of a big Karako doll and does a handstand.

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  • Utsumi Spring Festival (Fukkoshi District Festival)

Festival Overview


Date 4/1/2018
Time From 7:00 AM to around 4:30 PM
Venue Akiba-jinja Shrine(Higashi-Zatobata 10, Utsumi, Minamichita Town, Chita County)
Phone number 0569-65-2880(Minamichita Town Cultural Heritage Preservation and Utilization Executive Committee or Social Education Division, Minamichita Town Board of Education)
0569-62-3100(Minamichita Town Tourist Association)

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Access / Map

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