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Float Festivals in Aichi

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2023 Mar.

Event Name Holding Date,Place,Holding time

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Otani Festival

Sogenji Temple, Okujo, Otani, Tokoname City


Matsuo-jinja Shrine Festival Sakai's Festival
【The tall floats each bear a different carving 】 The floats stand still in front of the altar, waiting patiently for the time to come. When the front parts are lifted with great force, these floats weighing some 5,600 kilograms start to move. The vigorously beate...

Tenno 13, Sakai, Tokoname City


Kaminoma Festival
Floats from Ochi and Yoshima in the Kaminoma District are pulled around and dedicated to the grounds of Noma-jinja Shrine. After the dedication of the Shinto music and dance and the Karakuri puppet show, the floats are put back into storage.
Annually on late March or the 1st Sunday of April
Takagawa 16, Kaminoma, Mihama Town, Chita County


Onamuchi-jinja Shrine & Hachiman-sha Shrine Grand Festival
The Minamiguruma and Ryujinsha floats are pulled around in their respective districts and get together at the Sano Bridge on the second day of the festival, after which they are dedicated to the Onamuchi-jinja Shrine. The Ryujinsha float is also dedicated to the Hach...
Annually on the last weekend of March or the 1st weekend of April
Okuda, Mihama Town, Chita County, etc.