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Float Festivals in Aichi

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2023 Jun.

Event Name Holding Date,Place,Holding time

The first ten days


Tsutsuicho Tenno Festival
The Tsutsui Tenno Festival is a festival of Tsutsui-cho, Higashi Ward, Nagoya City, which starts from the first Friday night in June (Yoi Festival), and continues for the next two days: Saturday (Main Festival) and Sunday (Senshuraku).  When an epidemic broke out ...
Annually on the 1st weekend of June
Tsutsui Tenno-sha Shrine, etc.(Tsutsui 3, Higashi Ward, Nagoya City)


Dekimachi Tenno Festival
The Dekimachi Tenno Festival of Higashi Ward is a festival of the Susanoo-sha Shrines (Tenno-sha Shrines) enshrined in each of the towns of Nishinokire, Nakanokire, and Higashinokire of Kodekimachi. The respective floats are pulled: Kashikajinsha from Nishinokire, Ka...
Annually on the 1st weekend of June
Susanoo-sha Shrine, etc.(Shindeki 1, Higashi Ward, Nagoya City)