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Float Festivals in Aichi

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2020 Aug.

Event Name Holding Date,Place,Holding time

The first ten days


Omori Tenno Festival
 The former Omori Village consisted of five territories, and apart from the tutelary Yatsurugi-jinja Shrine of Omori Village, a Tenno-sha Shrine was enshrined in each territory. Each year after planting rice in the summer, Tsushima-jinja Shrine amulets and Omanto ho...
Annually on the 1st Sunday of August
Yatsurugi-jinja Shrine, etc.(Omori, Moriyama Ward, Nagoya City)


Tenno Festival
The Asahi Tenno Festival first started when people attached lanterns to torch stands with a prayer for the protection of children from the plague, and the float was made in 1762. After a Shinto prayer is given by a Shinto priest, a person holding a wand with paper st...

Asahi Tenno 90 Kiyoshu City


Kamezaki Community Summer Festival
The Kamezaki Community Summer Festival is held in Kamezaki, which is famous for the Shiohi Festival. It derives from the Annual Festival of Owari Sansha Shrine called the Sansha Festival, held since 1877. Although it was discontinued in 1962, it was revived in 1984 a...
Annually from late July to early August
Kamezaki-cho 2-92, Handa City


Mizuho District Bon-Odori Dance
This summer festival is held in the Mizuho District located in the southeast of Handa City. The "Zuihosha" (which means the treasure of the Mizuho District) was built to commemorate the establishment of the Mizuho District in 1996. It is a delightful festival in whic...
Annually on the 1st weekend of August
Mizuho-cho 3-1-6, Handa City


Kita District Summer Festival
This summer festival is held in the Shimo-Handa District located in the southeast of Handa City. The Miyabiguruma float was built in 1993, the year of the Crown Prince's marriage, and so it is named after the Crown Princess, Masako. The two-tier float is decorated wi...
Annually on the 1st weekend of August
Higashi-Honmachi 2-18, Handa City

The middle ten days


Akiba Festival
Although the origin of the festival is not certain, people say that it began as a festival to pray for Komakijuku's protection against fire. It is said that the float parade started when Matahichi of Naritaya, who lived in Naka-Honmachi, dedicated a float during du...
Annually on the weekend before or after the 20th in August
Komaki 5-153, Komaki City